In few days the Perseids will illuminate our night sky. Because of the warm night and the clear sky we thought there are perfect conditions to drink a glas of wine and lay on the balcony to watch falling stars. First I didn't thought about photos but then I saw the deep red moon and I got my camera equipment.
The moon photos I did with my 70-200mm lens but I'm not really happy with the sharpness. Never mind, I can live with the result of this photo here. After a short time the red color was gone and I switch to the 24-120mm lens to try some Milky Way photos. Because of the enormous light pollution I knew that I wouldn't get good pictures. We have new LED street lamps and they are so bright. Another problem is that my lens with a aperture of four has a bad luminous intensity for Milky Way photos. I know that there are so many better Milky Way photos however because of the difficult conditions I was really surprised when I saw the results. I used my cable release so I was able to lay down and enjoy the starry sky. We saw many satellites and some really amazing falling stars. On Wednesday the 12th of August the main part of the Perseids will arrive and I hope we have a clear sky.  If you have time then use the chance. Take a lounger and enjoy the show.