Engelsley II

Second part of the pictures from the Engelsley trail. This time there are some celebrities besides the landscape. First we saw one of the many lizards which are live here. With every step there is rustling in the bushes on some parts of the trail. Lizards are fast and often you don't see them however this little guy here loved being in the spotlight. I did a lot of photos but the most of them are useless. I did a fatal newbie mistake. Before I did the lizard photos I made some panorama shots and for this I photographed in manuell mode and I switched the focus also on manuell. I forgot to switched back to automatic focus and so I have some photos without sharpness. Dumb mistake but that's life. 
After the lizard we found a large slowworm which did a sunbath. Fascinating animals. They look like snakes but they are lizards. She was very active when we started to be interested in her. So it was also not easy to got good photos, especially with the complicated light situation. 
After our animal friends we went back to the trail and into the well known nature. As you saw often before, I show you some views from the valley and the trail. I love it here and I can't get enough. But you already know that.



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