Freitag, 23. März 2012

Exploration (monochrome part)

Sometimes is black and white the right choice to get expressive pictures. And  I think it fits well to urban exploration pictures.

Exploration (part 2)

Exploration (part 1)

I found a new object, and it was time for a new exploration. I love it. You don't know what you will found behind the next door. You look sometimes behind you, because you don't want caught. And when you leave the object you smile. When you begin the postprocessing
 and you see the first results, and there are good pictures then it was worth it.

Montag, 19. März 2012


This old floodgate has her time behind her, now it's just a bridge. A bridge with character. I made an exposure series with 6 pictures for this HDR-image. I chose this editing, because I think this is the best way to show the character of this bridge. 

the crocus grows

The spring has startet. I'm happy about it, after some grey months finally sunshine and colors everywhere. This crocus grows in my garden, one of many. 

Sonntag, 18. März 2012


Forgotten and left alone. My favorite motive for HDR are old, forgotten and collapsed objects. 

monochrome Flower

I'm a fan of black and white photography, and I'm a fan of macro photography. Both at once is sometimes not easy to realised. There are not many black and white macro-pictures I know. The most photographers wants to keep the color and dynamic in the pictures. I think this picture is a proof that macro-pictures also can be beautiful.

Samstag, 10. März 2012


This is a underwater test portrait of me. Underwater pictures are not easy because the light is not the same as over water. And I have no experience with it. My 5 year old doughter made this picture. I think she does better pictures as I do. 

pussy willow or catkins

Yesterday we walked through our village. We looked in other gardens and saw that the spring has begun. This pussy willows hang over and arround us. I don't know is pussy willow or catkins the right name. I like pussy willow.

Dienstag, 6. März 2012


This is Sven, he's a friend and a member of a role playing game group. We made these pictures because he wanted to have some in the knightly armor. It's not easy for me to make portraits. This was the first time I made pictures for other people. He is a friend but nevertheless there is an pressure to make good pictures. I Like this one here, I think they are really expressive.