Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2013

Urbex - Recreation Home

After long time I want to show you today some Urbex pictures.
I had a lot of luck to found this location.
I was on looking for another building. I drove through the area and found in the 
forest this building. I was on the search for an abandoned hospital.
First I though that I found my target.
But I knew from pictures that this was not my hospital.
I had enough time so I take a break and explore the building.
Later at home I search at the internet to find more about the history of this building.
I found that this was a recreation home. Perhaps for the patients from the hospital.
Who knows?

But now to the location, this was a complex with a main building and some 
secondary buildings. Here a wonderful example of this that the nature wins back their habitat.
It looks like a building in the middle of the jungle. Wonderful green around the walls. 
But also a lot of destructive and vandalism. Shame that such places are often drawn by vandalism.
In the main building I can't go in the upper floors because there was a fire in the 
entrance area and it was to dangerous for me to go the broken stairs.
I was alone so I can't risk to much. 
But I found some nice motives in the ground floor and also outside.
Also the secondary buildings are good for some pictures but look at yourself.
Ach was solls, heute auch mal wieder auf deutsch.
Nach langer Zeit möchte ich auch mal wieder ein paar Urbex Bilder zeigen.
Gefunden hab ich das Objekt eigentlich nur durch Zufall.
Auf der Suche nach einem verlassenen Krankenhaus bin ich auf einer Straße 
durch den Wald gefahren und habe durch die Bäume ein altes Gebäude gesehen.
Da ich eigentlich Zeit hatte, hab ich das gleich mal erkundet.
Und siehe da, eigentlich ein sehr schönes Objekt. Bestehend aus einem Haupthaus
welches ein wenig wie ein Schloß aussieht und mehrere kleine Nebenhäuser.
Schön zugewachsen, im Einklang mit der Natur.
Aber das seht ihr ja selber auf den Bildern.
Ich hab im Internet ein wenig recherchiert und bin darauf gestoßen das dies ein
Erholungsheim gewesen war. Vielleicht ein Erholungsheim für die Patienten aus dem Krankenhaus.

Schade das dieses Objekt auch für Vandalen interessant ist, 
selten habe ich ein Gebäude betreten welches so zerstört wurde.
Ich konnte nicht mal in die oberen Stockwerke da die Treppe nicht mehr gangbar war.
Im Erdgeschoss wurde mal ein Feuer gelegt. Ich war allein und wollte 
nicht zu viel riskieren. Aber es gab auch einige lustige Sprüche die ich gefunden habe.
Aber schaut es euch selber an...

One of my favorite Picture here. I like the saying.
"Don't look behind you"
Oh yes, in such places it's sometimes better that you don't look behind you.
Especially when you are alone.
"It's Horror!"

Also funny " Ein dichter Smeily" means "A stoned poet" ;)

Sonntag, 26. Mai 2013

last year

What a shit weather this year. It's end of May and we have no sun.
Only a lot of rain and grey sky. I feel like an English man.
But I'm not a men who cry about the weather. 
I look at pictures from this time last year and hope the summer will be good.
Last year to this time I was on vacation at the north sea.
With a little trip to Frankfurt on the way to home. 
I think a lot of my blog visitors know the pictures but today I will show again.
I wants to sink in my memories and forget the rainy weather outside.
And perhaps it will stop to rain.
Then I make raindrop pictures as so often this year.

But we wants to think positive, the next week the weather must be really good.
I think so many water can no longer be in the clouds.
Someday the clouds must be empty and then we get sunshine.
I hope...

But now take a look to the pictures from last year.
I will show you first a picture from Hamburg. This is a wonderful shot from buildings near
the harbor. I like the mirrors and the angle of the pictures.
And also the black and white process.

This submarine is a museum in Bremerhaven. 
One of the last German submarines in World War 2.
I shot 5 pictures for this panorama. 
I love it with the buildings in background. A very good motive for a panorama.

Now some pictures from the shore of the north sea. 
First a picture from some crab cutter who lay in the harbor at low tide.
I like it, here are wonderful light. Is perfect for the seaman mood.
Then another picture with some buoys. Here I love the wideness and the Wadden Sea.
Wideness, no motive is better to show wideness as a ocean.
Also wonderful are the lighthouses. A motive with a lot of romantic I think.

Now we come to the city of Frankfurt. Skyscrapers and a lot of city feeling are here.
We had also luck with the weather. All the time good weather, not so like this year.
A city with a lot of wonderful architecture motives. 
Here I would go every day one or two hours with my camera to catch the city feeling.

In the summer in the city...

Freitag, 24. Mai 2013


Since January I go a new way.
The most time alone. Now it's time for my three girls to take a look in my another home.
First we went to my little flat. My oldest daughter loves my 20qm
and wants to move in the flat next to my.
After the inspection of my flat we went into the city.
More then ten years ago that I was the last time here and now
I live 5 month here and it was also for me the first time in the city center for a long time.
Something changed and something I forgot but I feel good here.
And my family too.
Unfortunately is there no possibility at the moment that my family moves with me.
So I stay the next months perhaps years here for sometime, alone.
Fortunately is it for me possible to drive home when I want,
it's only 50 minutes time to drive.
But it's to much to drive every day.
So I hope for good weather that I can walk often through the city and take pictures.
So the time passes faster.
Here now some impressions from the city and also from the funfair.
It was luck that to this time the funfair is in the city.
We walked a round and look how the people were shaken by the carousel.




Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013

padlock of love

If you walk through the city's, you often find some steel doors and railings
with a lot of padlocks, padlocks of love.
Why? Some couples think that brings luck in the relationship.
In past a lot of money ends in fountains and over bridges. 
I think the padlock industry was this a thorn in her flesh.
Money in a fountain? Not good, better are padlocks on steel railings and money in the industry.
So they built some love-padlocks and hang this in city's.
Now the couples saw this and think this is a must have.
It's better to buy a padlock as throw money into a fountain or over a bridge.
For the endless love, a padlock is the only one. 
Now the key ends in the river and not the money. 
Both are not good for the environment  The iron value in the waters increases.  
In some city's hang more than thousand padlocks on the doors and railings.
A lot of steel, steel of love. 
I'm not the romantic guy for such games.
I don't need money in the river or a padlock on a railing for a good relationship.
I'm the guy who take pictures of the padlocks of the others.

Are the owner of the padlocks still in love? Who knows?
On the one lock is written "forever"...

Dienstag, 21. Mai 2013

Tropical feeling

Every year we go to the Nuremberg Zoo.
Also this year. We had the idea spontaneously because the weather was not to warm
and the weather report talk about not good, but also not bad weather.
So we thought that not many people were on her way into the zoo.
Problem was that many people had the same thoughts.
But no problem, the Zoo is very big and the people allocate.
I take many pictures from different animals, but later more.
Today I will just show you some pictures from the tropical house.
Many butterflies are here, but also monkeys and birds.
A lot of tropic flowers and a great lake with a lot of fish's and two manatees.
Here was a really good climate. Problem was that at the time I was inside, outside it begun to rain
and a lot of people went inside to keep herself dry.
So many people in this house are not good for photographers with a lot of equipment.
But some good pictures I shot. But look self.
First the butterfly, The only one who had enough time to posing.
I shot some pictures but only a few are ok. To many stress with the people in the house.
Sometime I will go to the Zoo and I will be alone in this house.

At the tropic house are also many different flowers. I know not one by her name.
But it's not a problem for me. 
Here a nice yellow one. Only light was a flash from side.

And now take a look to this really small drops.
Taken on a leaves from any plant. I love such pictures in black and white.
To get an idea how small the drops are I share a picture where I'm not so close.
Really wet air are good for such pictures.

And my last picture are a butterfly on the hand of my daughter. 
He lands on her. Then my daughter was so excited that I can't get the best sharpness
but it's also a good picture with the hand.