Dienstag, 21. Mai 2013

Tropical feeling

Every year we go to the Nuremberg Zoo.
Also this year. We had the idea spontaneously because the weather was not to warm
and the weather report talk about not good, but also not bad weather.
So we thought that not many people were on her way into the zoo.
Problem was that many people had the same thoughts.
But no problem, the Zoo is very big and the people allocate.
I take many pictures from different animals, but later more.
Today I will just show you some pictures from the tropical house.
Many butterflies are here, but also monkeys and birds.
A lot of tropic flowers and a great lake with a lot of fish's and two manatees.
Here was a really good climate. Problem was that at the time I was inside, outside it begun to rain
and a lot of people went inside to keep herself dry.
So many people in this house are not good for photographers with a lot of equipment.
But some good pictures I shot. But look self.
First the butterfly, The only one who had enough time to posing.
I shot some pictures but only a few are ok. To many stress with the people in the house.
Sometime I will go to the Zoo and I will be alone in this house.

At the tropic house are also many different flowers. I know not one by her name.
But it's not a problem for me. 
Here a nice yellow one. Only light was a flash from side.

And now take a look to this really small drops.
Taken on a leaves from any plant. I love such pictures in black and white.
To get an idea how small the drops are I share a picture where I'm not so close.
Really wet air are good for such pictures.

And my last picture are a butterfly on the hand of my daughter. 
He lands on her. Then my daughter was so excited that I can't get the best sharpness
but it's also a good picture with the hand.