Samstag, 18. Mai 2013


I will change something, 
first I want to try write only English. I think that everybody who looks through the Internet
has enough English skills to understand my English. Another thing is that I will improve my English.
For my job is this important and the only way to get learn a language is to use that.
I hope you understand me and for my German followers, if you has any problems with that?
Let me know.
(Für meine deutschen Leser, lasst mich wissen wenn ihr lieber deutsch lesen möchtet.)

And now it time for a picture who is waiting a lot of month to load up.
It's a picture I shot in Dresden. A part of a graffiti on a wall. 
I love such phrases. 

"The story of our life."
Yes, in every second this story is changing. In the last months the story of my life is changing 
very strongly. Many things are changed. Some in a good direction and another 
in the other way. Perhaps every thing changed as they wanted?
Who knows the way of life?
In last time I had some problems. In my job and in my life privately.
But now every thing is ok.
The way of life is a new way, but I think the way is the best way I can go.
And also I think, I wait with this picture for a moment like this.
Whats up? 
In my job there are some things who needs a decision. 
But every day I get another information, every day a new information.
Today so, another day exactly another way.
It's not easy for me and also for my family.
Stuff for a lot of problems, but we find a way to calm down. 
And now we go this way, the new story!
And to this story, Amberg a important part. 
Amberg is a city in the Oberpfalz, a district in Bavaria.
Today my family and I was the first time together in this city. 
We walk through the city and enjoy the good weather. 
And today we made some pictures, as every day ;)
One picture is this. My wife shot it with my camera for me.
I needed a new profile picture and this picture is one who I can life with it.
So hello it's me