Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013

padlock of love

If you walk through the city's, you often find some steel doors and railings
with a lot of padlocks, padlocks of love.
Why? Some couples think that brings luck in the relationship.
In past a lot of money ends in fountains and over bridges. 
I think the padlock industry was this a thorn in her flesh.
Money in a fountain? Not good, better are padlocks on steel railings and money in the industry.
So they built some love-padlocks and hang this in city's.
Now the couples saw this and think this is a must have.
It's better to buy a padlock as throw money into a fountain or over a bridge.
For the endless love, a padlock is the only one. 
Now the key ends in the river and not the money. 
Both are not good for the environment  The iron value in the waters increases.  
In some city's hang more than thousand padlocks on the doors and railings.
A lot of steel, steel of love. 
I'm not the romantic guy for such games.
I don't need money in the river or a padlock on a railing for a good relationship.
I'm the guy who take pictures of the padlocks of the others.

Are the owner of the padlocks still in love? Who knows?
On the one lock is written "forever"...