Sonntag, 26. Mai 2013

last year

What a shit weather this year. It's end of May and we have no sun.
Only a lot of rain and grey sky. I feel like an English man.
But I'm not a men who cry about the weather. 
I look at pictures from this time last year and hope the summer will be good.
Last year to this time I was on vacation at the north sea.
With a little trip to Frankfurt on the way to home. 
I think a lot of my blog visitors know the pictures but today I will show again.
I wants to sink in my memories and forget the rainy weather outside.
And perhaps it will stop to rain.
Then I make raindrop pictures as so often this year.

But we wants to think positive, the next week the weather must be really good.
I think so many water can no longer be in the clouds.
Someday the clouds must be empty and then we get sunshine.
I hope...

But now take a look to the pictures from last year.
I will show you first a picture from Hamburg. This is a wonderful shot from buildings near
the harbor. I like the mirrors and the angle of the pictures.
And also the black and white process.

This submarine is a museum in Bremerhaven. 
One of the last German submarines in World War 2.
I shot 5 pictures for this panorama. 
I love it with the buildings in background. A very good motive for a panorama.

Now some pictures from the shore of the north sea. 
First a picture from some crab cutter who lay in the harbor at low tide.
I like it, here are wonderful light. Is perfect for the seaman mood.
Then another picture with some buoys. Here I love the wideness and the Wadden Sea.
Wideness, no motive is better to show wideness as a ocean.
Also wonderful are the lighthouses. A motive with a lot of romantic I think.

Now we come to the city of Frankfurt. Skyscrapers and a lot of city feeling are here.
We had also luck with the weather. All the time good weather, not so like this year.
A city with a lot of wonderful architecture motives. 
Here I would go every day one or two hours with my camera to catch the city feeling.

In the summer in the city...