Thoughts - Climate Change

In the last weeks we had some extreme weather conditions. Actually we thought we had a "normal" summer, but at last it's too dry, as it has been the last years. Yes we had rain and thunderstorms but it's to less. The problem is, that if the ground is too dry the water flow away. And with the out flowing water the ground lose important nutrients. This is primarily a problem for the farmers but also for our forests. It's too dry for years and it will be dry in future too. Climate change is one of the biggest problems in our times and I'm convinced that the consequences will increase extremely. 
Firstly we get more drastic consequences for regional, national and international agriculture which will be a problem for farmers and the food industry in general. I read an article which was about, that in some decades we get in Germany climate conditions like Southern Italia. This will be a challenge but I think we can handle this in different ways. So our farmers can switch their products in mediterran food but I question myself what will be happen in Southern Italia? How strength will be the climate impact in Southern Europe? I don't know but I can imagine that there will be some further problems.
That will bring me to my second item. When we get so enormous impacts in Europe what will happen in the world? We heard about problems in Africa but also the warming in the arctic regions and currently in Siberia. The permafrost will melting and gases will release. In other regions water will be a main problem. Currently we have regions in Germany which have problems with the water supply. In general we have enough water in Germany in comparison to many other regions in the world. Which problems will rise when ice is melting in the arctic regions and Water is missing in other regions? Strange times will come. 
I'm definitely not a professional in such questions and writing in English is also not easy for me to put thoughts in the right words however I hope you will understand. 
In my opinion we will get complex problems in different departments. We definitely get problems in our food systems. Farmers have to adapt the new conditions and we have to accept that we can't buy everything anytime in our food stores. This I think will be a problem that we can handle in different ways. The bigger problem will be more political. Migration of peoples will start and this could change political systems. Currently we see since 2015 a wave of refugees which strengthen populist parties in Europe. National waves in inner politic are increasing in many states and burden the European Union. What will happen when circumstances become more dramatic. In cases of global warming the situation in some African states will become more critical. Wars and conflicts in middle east are not solved. The United States withdraw from the unipolar balance of power and China will fill arising holes. Russia want to be important in the world too and will increase influence in European states in difficult ways I think. I see an increasing Russian influence in nationalistic directions in many states which used especially the refugee problematic for weaken political landscape. Television, radio and newspapers like Russia Today (RT) and Sputniknews become an important path for lateral thinker which remove more and more from our democratic system. Currently we see a similar development  in the Corona problematic. Massive influence and support of lateral thinker up to nationalists. 
What will happen if the climate change will increase refugee waves to come back to the main topic? I see many problems in different departments. We won't find easy solutions especially if we work against each other. States like Russia and China will win, also if climate problems will have immense impacts in these states too. They will win because their not democratic systems will get advantages when our democratic system will be disturbed with upcoming problems and the influence of media stations which works with fake news. 
I see a massive influence in security politics in cases of the climate change what will be another problem besides the climate at itself. 
I'm interested in a discussion so if you see other problems or if you share my opinion let me know, no matter if you write in German or English. Especially I'm interested in different views from people all over the world. I know that the main part of my viewers comes from the United States. I know that such topic is not the focus of my blog but it will be cool to get more deeper in interesting discussions.

So back to the photos. Here you see some photos from an upcoming thunderstorm and other motives like the moon or sunsets with a pickup.