In the last weeks I wrote often about hiking in the Ahr valley. Today the river Ahr will be in the focus of my post. The Ahr is a calm river. In many areas the Ahr is not deep enough to navigate it by boats. It is possible but there are many passages where you have to carry your boat. That's a great pity, because I love canoeing and it would be great if it was possible right here. 
As an example I will talk about the flood in 2016. In a short time it was raining hard. Because of some really narrow parts of the valley they considerably overrun. The water level increased for about 50 cm per hour to a maximum of about four meters. This was to much for this narrow valley.  There are many camping areas close to the river and many caravans were washed away. On my favorite trail was a bridge for hikers. The power of the water pushed the bridge away and destroyed it. 
Last month the bridge were rebuilt. I didn't miss a bridge the last years. As I mentioned before the Ahr is not deep and in the area of the bridge it was on many places possible to walk through the river. The water never went over the knees and was mostly around the ankles. On a hike it was a nice refreshment to cross the river. If you view my photos you will see that the Ahr is really calm and on the most parts there is an awesome landscape. I hope you think as I do if you see the photos. So I wish you a nice weekend. Have a good time.






  1. Sehr schöne Bilder. Mir persönlich gefallen das zweite von oben (Hohlweg) und das vierte von oben (Der einzelne Baum auf dem Felsen) besonders gut.

    P.S.: Ich habe Deinen schönen Fotoblog per Zufall entdeckt.

    LG Bernhard

    1. Danke schön Bernhard, freut mich das Dir die Bilder gefallen. Mein persönlicher Favorit ist auch der Hohlweg. Die Stimmung ist besonders wie ich finde und war auch kurz davor das als erstes Bild zu nehmen, jedoch war ja beim Weg kein Bezug zum Fluss zu sehen, daher hatte ich mich dagegen entschieden.

      LG Christian


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