Galitzenklam II

Part two of pictures of the Galitzenklam in Austria and week five of self isolation behind us. Until now I survive and I used my time for doing photography but I spent also a lot of time in research of Corona and the consequences.
Meanwhile I'm more scared about conspiracy theories because of Corona as the virus himself. What is the problem of the people? I observe the activities of D. Trump and I ask myself what is the problem of his followers. Why people support him? The peak is this week the tweet where he called his supporters to liberate Virginia. He talked about that Virginia is under siege. It sounds like the POTUS is calling to revolt against a of state led by the democrats.  A revolt in Corona times. Another good idea. And the permanent bashing of the media. What for a president? For sure I write and observe this from Germany but I watch also FOX News and the newest media platform OAN to see the opposite side. The blame of the media is from my point of view one of the biggest problems. Also that he is consistent  blaming politicians, states and institutes per tweeting. This is an absolute unbelievable situation and definitive part of the problem.

There situation in the US is not just a problem of the Americans. The consequences are worldwide and there are also people in Germany who spread conspiracy theories. There are people who believe in statements of one person because there own opinion is that there must be something behind. No matter how many scientists and politicians can argument with facts, the one person just with his opinion counts. Why? Opinions are not facts. There are so many scientists and virologists but there are people who believe in an old doctor who loves to be in media and didn't work as a doctor for decades. Why are for so many people are facts a problem. Why are opinions from a private individual are more credible? 
Another item I see is that often people who spread conspiracy theories are often just ask questions. They give no answers and so they doing not more as spread doubts. Because their followers do not trust in the media and scientists. So they often search for answers in Youtube and they trust every bad video with crazy ideas. Guys a person with a distorted voice who ask more questions and blame groups or people is not a source! Trust in science!

Sorry for the digression. Sometimes I think it is important to speak about things. 
So back to photography. When we went back to our car we decided to go into the high wire park. Problem was that the thunderstorm was coming and the park management decided to close the park. So we went to the camper and ate before we drove to our next target. First the plan was to stay near the Galitzenklam but we had enough time and no pleasure to stay in the car during the storm, so we drove to our next target. The idea was to stay the night near the Großglockner. That will be the next topic of my Globetrottel blogposts. I wish you all the best. Stay safe and healthy!