Composing - The Bridge

Quarantine is the time to become creative again. For me after a long time of problems with creativity a time to spend more time with my art. First I realized that I lost many Photoshop skills. Often I thought about simple processes and I needed time for some actions. But I had fun and this is the most important point. I had many ideas and found a lot of inspiration for future projects and I have time now, but to many projects here and there. I will not stress myself, so I will do art when I feel desire. 

This picture I did after I saw the trailer of "Tales from the Loop". I was really surprised. In my bookshelf are some artbooks from  Simon Stålenhag so I'm a big fan of his ideas and the way he does art. Tales from the Loop start tomorrow on Amazon Prime and I'm fixed. What a good idea to make a series in his world and ideas. I browsed through the artbook of Tales from the Loop and I had the idea for this picture. Tales from the Loop plays in another timeline in Sweden of the 80's with a lot of influence of science fiction. So it's a Swedish version of Stranger Things without fantasy but with science fiction elements. The idea is, that in this world is a particle accelerator and the magnetic field of the earth allows vehicles to fly. There are robots, big mystic buildings and old abandoned rusted stuff. I have no idea what is the story about but I'm going to watch this series definitely. 

Here in my picture the style is complete differently but I felt inspired by Simon Stålenhag and I wanted to build a kind of a science fiction bridge with such a half circle building. What do you think about such artworks? It's build with MoI3D and Photoshop as my other pictures and it took me about 3 hours at all. Not the last picture in this style I will do.

The background of this artwork I shot in 2016 in the Normandy.