Composing - Jungle Sunset

This picture I did with Flowscape. Flowscape is a 3D software were you can build environments  with different preset objects. So you can choose a 3D tree and paint with a brush on a ground. With various brush settings you can draw a forest in seconds. This is so easy as it sounds. In few minutes you get really impressive results. You have complete control about the scene light and many settings like fog too. So it's really easy to be creative and with some clicks you can build worlds. I like matte paining and I love 3D modelling. With Flowscape you have the chance to combine those two things and this on an easy way. 

I bought Flowscape month ago and I play with the software only few hours. Last week I was so bored that I tried to built a landscape I had in my mind as a background for a matte painting. This was the first time I realized the opportunities from Flowscape. This picture is the result and it is 95% made of Flowscape. I just used Photoshop for color and light adjustment. It took me about two hours what is a amazing time for such a result. And it's hooked me. In the last days I spent some time in Flowscape and I create so fantastic environments. I will show the results definitely here on my blog. This is the first artwork I did with Flowscape and there will be many more.  

Idea was an Asian temple on the top of a mountain surrounded by rocks and jungle. I did three attempts until I was satisfied. What do you think about the picture and matte painting itself?

Here are some pictures from the process. The first one is the scene from above direct in Flowscape. Second one is out of Flowscape and the starting point in Photoshop.