The Tree

Because quarantine time was boring I decided to take a walk in an area where I never was before. It's not far away from home and looks inconspicuous if you drive by. I found a parking area walked through a forest. I was really surprised as I come out off the forest. I stand in front of a wonderful meadow with an amazing panorama behind. And in the meadow there stay an awesome  old tree.  I love lonely trees and this one looks wonderful. He has an wonderful clear form so he is the Perfect photo motive. But there is not just the tree. I took a walk above a small nice trail through another forest but these pictures I will show later. Today is the star these wonderful tree. On another meadow I found some other trees which I saw already from the forest.
I did a HDR picture which was my first HDR I did for a long time. The first picture here with the three birch is photographed against the sun and I  thought it would look nice with the intensive colors and the back light so I decided for a exposure series to get the full dynamic in it. For a long time I was addicted in HDR photography but I have seen enough in different photo networks and so many were over-processing so I lost the interest in it. But here it works perfectly and yes it looks like a kitschy scene but this is desirable because the whole scene is kitschy. On my way back I passed the amazing tree again and finally I did photos which look like advertising for pickups. Here two girls sat together and drunk beer on the loading area. Maybe one of the best reasons to buy a pickup truck.