Along the Ahr II

Part two of the short hike in the Ahr valley. As I mentioned before we walked to the top of the hill with fog and a high humidity. So we had not the best view however we made the most of it. On the one hand we had no wide view and on the other hand we had a wonderful foggy atmosphere in the wine mountains. With a plenty of imagination it looked like Asian rice fields. Another positive point of this weather is that there are not so many people on the trails. We were alone on the hill and this is pure recovery. 
We went downhill on the other side of the mountain so in the valley our way back was along the river. The Ahr is a calm river but sometimes there are massive floods. In 2016 there were after long heavy rains a heavy flood with many damages and broken bridges. Today it was a wonderful calm day and we enjoyed the foggy mood. At the end of the way in the Forest we passed an old quarry on the left side and the river on the right side.  At this point the sun broke through the clouds and in minutes the fog was away and we had a complete other mood. My last picture is a black and white image of a road and I love especially this picture. What is your opinion about such monochrome images? I like black and white pictures really much and often I editing a photo in two ways. In the last time my enthusiasm for monochrome pictures is increasing so the chance that there are more black and white photos on my blog is high.