Radio Telescope III Black & White

The last part of the pictures of the radio telescope in Effelsberg I edited in black and white. I'm a huge fan of monochrome photography. I like high contrast pictures with clear lines in black and white. Pictures from an object like the telescope are perfect for such processing. Here we have a lot of clear lines and a nice game between light and shadow. From my point of view monochrome pictures are like pictures from another world. We see things from another perspective when the color is missing. I'm also fascinated by infrarot photography but the conversion of a camera deters me off. Currently I think often for buying a new camera. I want to switch to an mirror less system. 

Actually I like the Sony A7 III but  Nikon caught up and since the Nikon Z6 and Z7 are released I prefer the Nikon models. For me the Nikon Z6 sounds perfect and with the converter I can use my lenses from the D610. This is one of the biggest advantage. On the other side Nikon uses an another type of memory cards in the Z6 what is a disadvantage from my perspective but I can handle this. These are just some extra costs. There are many other advantages and disadvantages for every camera model, so I'm still undecided. If I decide to buy a Nikon Z6, I will maybe convert my Nikon D610 into an infrarot camera. What do you think about infrarot photography or black and white photos generally?