Radio Telescope I

Today I show you pictures from a spot I visited already four years ago. Maybe you remember this blog post. The radio telescope is just 30 minutes away from me. And it is an amazing place. As I mentioned often before I'm a huge science fiction fan and this really big building of steel is for me as I would visit the command bridge of a star destroyer. The radio telescope is located in Effelsberg which is in the Ahr Hills in the Eifel. For 29 years it was the largest fully steerable radio telescope worldwide. In 2000 it was surpassed by the Green Bank Observatory Telescope in the US. 

The Effelsberg radio telescope has a diameter of 100 meters and a total weight of 3.200 tones. The weather this time was perfect and I had the idea to make a timelapse video with a wonderful blue sky and some moving clouds. It looks really amazing if the telescope is moving in timelapse. I did a video with my mobile phone which I shared on Instagram (timelapse radio telescope). 

The best place of a video was the main visitors area. problem was, that the sky behind the telescope from this point was nearly just blue. The nice clouds were behind me. If we have a spectacular sky, I will do another attempt. Maybe night is another good idea for a visit. More pictures follow.