Composing - The Duel

It's time for another picture of my digital art collection. The idea behind the picture was a kind of a temple with two people who face each other. Maybe the beginning of a duel. Who knows? I built the temple complete in MoI3D and did the texture and rendering in Cinema4D. The two guys are knight-model I loaded from the web. First it was just a test how to light a scene but I like the simple picture, so I share it with you. There is no more like the two guys in a room with one source of light. Really simple and easy. I don't spent time in modelling and texturing. Im often dissatisfied with the results and I fell that I have no progress. However here the room is just a scenery and the main actors are the knights and the light. For me it works but I still have a lot to learn.
If I create the next picture, I will definetely spend more time in the after processing. Currently I work on an spaceship in MoI3D. This model will be more detailed and I will not hurry. I hope I will improve my skills in texturing. Maybe I will try Blender. I dont know how complicated Blender is, but Cinema4D is also not easy so maybe the results are much better. I have an really old version of C4D and I think Blender is more up to date. I hope so. Perhaps it's more confortable and the use is more inovativ. I will test and you will see the results.