Castle Are

If you follow my blog, you had seen definitely pictures from the old ruin Are above the village Altenahr. Often I choose the other trails because there are less people and more nature. Quarantine time was perfect to visit places like this. Weather was also good so I went to the valley. I started near the river Ahr, walked through the village and moved to the ruin. On my way up I did the first photo you see here. This little castle surrounded by  rocks and forests is such a nice photo motive. But if you see the other landscape photos of the valley, you will see the whole environment is wonderful. Especially in the evening when the shadows become longer. If the sun illuminated the one side and the other side is dark it looks much more interesting and this time is especially for photographers the best time. I went to the top of the ruin and did some panorama shots but later. 

There will be an extra blog post with some panorama pictures. From the castle I chose the trail above the ridge. There are some nice places where you are exposed. It's nothing like alpin mountains but about 50 meters straight down is also a nice feeling. The whole trail is absolutely amazing. Up and down above rocks and roots with some nice points with wonderful views. I definitely love this area and I hope you can understand this when you see the photos.