Above Altenahr

My route leaded me over a ridge as I mentioned already in my last blog post. Here you find some nice places with wonderful views and a trail I love. I like such nice small hiking trails with roots, rocks and some parts were you have to climb. On my route here I could go above the whole ridge but it was late and the whole trail is to long and without light it's to dangerous, so I decided to stop at the hole in the rocks and went down. Normally here my favorite trail starts but this time my hike ends so I enjoyed the last sunbeams. I liked the view in the streets of the village Altenahr from above. The light was golden and with a low sun the mood was fantastic. From the end of the trail you see one of my favorite spots. From the hole in the rock you have a amazing view down in the valley. Rocks, woods and the river in the valley is such beautiful. I often stay here and each time I do photos here. And each time I love these photos. I don't want to bore you with repeating pictures but I have to show this pictures always.