Grossglockner IV

Today I present the last pictures of the Grossglockner and the last pictures of Austria on our trip. The last blog post I wrote was about our hike near the Grossklockner. Today I show pictures from the way back to the car and from the other side of the High Alpine Road on our way to Germany. 
Actually was our plan to hike to the glacier but on halfway between the car and the glacier the weather was going bad. We decided to return to the car because it can be difficult in the mountains if the weather gets worse. We walked the same way back and drove over the pass to the Fuschertörl where we wanted to eat. We were sitting on the balcony because of the view and exact as we finished our meal it began to rain. Actually we wanted to stay here longer but the weather forecast was talking about a longer rain period. So we drove on the other side in the German direction. Before we arrived in Germany we stayed still one night in Austria however there are no more photos because it has rained the whole time. As I mentioned before it was not our first visit on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. Two years before we drove in the other direction without visited the glacier. Here are few pictures with better weather conditions as this time. I love the Austrian Alps and I think there are amazing mountains with his own special character. There are so many beautiful views and nice people. This time was definitely not the last time in the alps. I swear. 

Now I'm planning the vacation this summer and it was never so hard as this year. What will be possible or should we stay at home? We will not stay in a hotel or visit overcrowded places. I have some problems, so I can't make a good plan. First, will it even be possible to go on vacation this year. Secondly, what are the restrictions and thirdly, where will the other people going to spend their holidays? This will be not the place where I will be. We will see. 

Wish you a good week and stay safe and healthy.