At the End ... Eibsee

Today I am going to share the last blog post about my vacation last year. Here you see pictures from the Eibsee in Bavaria. The idea was to spent the last days of our tour in the German alps. We wanted to start at the Eibsee with the Bodensee as the goal. First we thought about to visit the Zugspitze as the highest point of Germany, however the weather condition was fogy so we saved the money. We decided to hike around the lake. 

As many other people we started at the cable way station. The first part of the way was really overcrowded but because of the weather many people decided to go back. The trail was getting empty and after a while it began to rain.  First it was a wonderful warm summer rain and we enjoy the emptiness of the trails. On some locations it was like a trip to Scandinavia with the colorful wood cottages and clear water in front of a mountain panorama. Over time the rain was getting stronger and we realized that it won't stop so soon. So we turn back. Meanwhile the rain was to strong for taking photos without special equipment. Back in the camper we checked the weather forecast and we saw that it would be raining the next days in the whole area. That was for us the point to end our tour. We decided to drove directly at home. On our way we had to spend another night on the highway because the end of the world was coming. A massive thunder storm was between us and our target. We searched for a place to camp and the next day we drove home. End of vacation.

Finally it was wonderful time with a mount of impressions and wonderful memories. If you have followed my blog, you have surely made your own picture. For me it was amazing. We had so many targets in the mountains and with Venice we had a absolute highlight. I'm so happy to visited this city and for me it is the most beautiful city I've ever visit. I was really emotional as I saw the pictures of Venice in the last weeks. Empty streets and clear water is sure good for the nature and the city, however on the other hand was the empty streets a bad sign for the Corona pandemic. It was a hard time for all of us in the last weeks and I hope that we are strong enough to handle the next months. I wonder why so many people follow such stupid conspiracy fairy tales. Absolute stupid stories about Bill Gates and a guy (Q) from a forum who said from itself, that he has a top secret clearance are for some people more trustworthy than statements from our officials. What is wrong with the people? Ok, enough. Not the right place to write about such aluminium hat owners. Wish you a nice weekend. Stay safe and healthy!