local hike


In may 21 I did the first hike this year on my local trail. It's a nice round with about nine kilometres. Highlight is the Teufelsley - and the Engelsley peak. The two hills are rocky peaks which opposite each other just separate by the river Ahr. The Teufelsley is a nice hike. Just the last about 50 meters are rocky and lightly exposed. The trail above the Engelsley is much more interesting. Here you have a trail above about seven rocky peaks which some are nice exposed. You don't need to climb but there are some corners where you can choose a bypassing where you have some short passages where its better to use the hands too. Some of these rocks are nice exposed with a wonderful view into the Ahr valley. The Ahr flows here a loop so you have the valley around you. The photos I did in may 21 and I was wondering about the trees, because they didn't were already full of green leaves. This year the nature was very late and today I can say, that this year is up to now much more wet and colder as the years before, at least in the area I live which is good for the nature. 

When I see the photos I think it's time for another hike and a comparison of the motives. I realize that I photograph the same motives every time I do my round and I have no problem with that. I think it's a nice project to see changes over the time. Do you have a problem with repeating photos?