Actually I would share pictures from the Eremitage days ago but for no reasons I can't share photos of the Bayreuth online photo album. So I switch to photos from the beautiful Eifel here in Rhineland Palatinate. I was on a rainy day on my way to make some photos from fog which is rose between the trees. So I drove in the direction of the Nürburgring which is well known as the green hell. I found some nice spots with great views and at the end a massive rainbow. 

Currently I'm in stress with my blog and the pictures. I have already tons of photos and actually time but I miss motivation to write. Maybe it's the fact that I write in englisch and this is not my mother tongue as you see for sure in my way of writing. I don't get many visitors on my blog and there are so seldom comments, that I thinking about to share just the photos for me and friends. The pandemic situation is from my point of view a point to take distance from social networks and discussions. So many stupidity and hate from people who don't understand science and medicine. People who more and more move into a right wing direction and open sympathize with Nazis are active in online discussions that I have to go for a while. 
Another network I'm not sure if I will stay is Instagram. You know the photo platform where people shared her photos years ago. Today there are so important Influencers and beautiful people who share her life and feel famous. I don't understand how this network change so fast. Yesterday I watched a story from a famous photographer and he was talking about Instagram and his use of the platform. Nobody wants to see photos anymore. Stories are much more important and many people see Instagram just as an advertising platform to get money. I'm so tired of this development. I want to just make photos and watch photos from other photographers. I deleted my Whatsapp account last week and if I'm consequent I have to delete Instagram as well because of the Facebook company philosophy. I need distance from online networks. Funny that I'm thinking this in a pandemic, because of social distancing social networks are perfect to stay in contact to people. But at the end it all fake.

I found back to an old hobby in the last month. When I was twelve to 14 my favorite hobby was modelling of plastic models in a 1/35 scale. Today I start a new project and this will be my fifth diorama due to the Corona-Lockdown. I seldom share photos of these models because its just for me. I will keep up running this blog but I will write less and share more photos in a post. I will see how it works.