Years ago I found this tiny church near the river Ahr and I put it on my photo list. On my cloudy forest photo tour I stopped here and did few photos. Exact as I started it begun to rain so I spent not rally much time with doing photos. I did just these photos here before it poured like from buckets. So it's nothing special but I will come back. Maybe in summer. 

So it's done and it was not an easy step for me as a photographer. I deleted my Instagram account because Instagram as a platform annoyed me. Years ago it was a cool photo based social network but now it is just a advertising platform for people who think they are Influencer because they have followers. I will never understand why girls who post just selfies get mega accounts and some artists and photographers who doing amazing art get no attention. In the last time I observed that many people just make stories or longer videos. That's not how I want to use such platform so I leaved. Actually shame, maybe I'm to old for social media. I will go on with this blog here but I will also spent not so much time in it. There are more important things out there. Currently I spent a lot of time in modelling little scale models and built dioramas. I also play some hardcore strategy war games so I found for me a good solution to handle the pandemic situation without real social points of contact. How handle you the situation? Let me know.