Composing - Flowscape Results II

After a long time I'm going to show you some new Digital-Art projects. If you remember I already showed you a blog post about the Flowscape software. If you compare the pictures from this post with the last one, you see an improvement. That is how I see it, at any rate. I tried to create various environments and especially at the first picture I did a composing in Photoshop with some photos I did in the technique museum in Speyer. I like this alien planet and the little story behind. Because of the simple use of Flowscape it's really easy to create atmospheric environments which can be a basis for such matte paintings. The second pictures is a new version of an older Photoshop work. This time I used Flowscape for the Background. The viking is attached with Photoshop. The other pictures are mostly direct from Flowscape with some little adjustments in Lightroom. At the third picture with the Asian temple I switched the sky with Luminar 4 and I put some birds in it. It's also an awesome mood here. 
The next three pictures I created under the influence of a Dracula series. It's my version of Transylvania. A medieval battlefield, the castle of Dracula in the highlands and an atmospheric graveyard, which fits also perfect to the dark mood of Dracula. The last three pictures are more tests with light, blurring, fog and of course water. Here the software got some problems especially with ocean waves. It was not easy to got some useful shots. However the result is not bad and I will try some other pictures with similar environments. 
The last picture is a 3D work in MoI3D. I used Flowscape just for the background of the spaceship. As I mentioned before it's really easy to get fast results and you see, also space environments are possible. What do you think about such digital artworks?