The last days of 2020 and I ask myself what did I learn this year? I learned about myself, that I have no problem with social distancing. I enjoy it because there are so many dumb people outside that it's better to stay at home. Few minutes ago I read a comment from another blogger who doesn't understand wearing masks are not so important for himself but for the secure of others. We live in a pandemic situation for almost one year and there are still people who don't understand the simplest things. Still I don't hate people but I have massive doubts on intelligence of mankind. 
Why for so many people is it a problem to understand such simple rules. There are so many scientific studies about this virus and we have so many clever scientists who describe us current problems and how we can handle with it. We can be proud of such clever people. And on the other side we have people who demonstrate against rules which helps us to hold the number of deaths small. Whats up with the world? Why these people have so many doubts on everything? I learned this year that there is a massive danger outside and it's in my opinion much more dangerous that the virus. It's a kind of collective stupidity. Here I see major problems rising. They are driving a wedge into our society and we can't do anything because they do it with a mindset that they do the right. They are followers of few people which get money with the current situation like Sucharit Bhakdi who was writing a book about the corona situation. He wrote in June that there will be no second wave and the pandemic is over. Today he  don't talk any word about his old statement. Why people don't see that such "experts" talk shit because we are in a much more worse pandemic situation than we were in spring. They just ignore wrong statements and there are so many of them. If he get only one right statement they praise his analytic capabilities and ignore the whole shit he talked before. 
I know that this is not a new phenomenon but this year many many people outed themselves as morons than the years before. In Germany we have areas where people live who don't believe in the virus. Here live many demonstrators against the current corona measures and exactly here we have such high corona cases that some hospitals have to triage. What think people in such areas when family members die? Maybe they die of stupidity of few people and this is so unnecessary. I hope they  understand that in the end but I have doubts. I thing they search for reasons that others are in responsible in this case, as always. 

But I will not just write about negative in such days.  I will show you some photos of the milky-way I did when I visited my parents in summer. There are also some random photos from various situations. The night sky photos I tried with the knowledge that these photos I delete later. We had a campfire in our farm and I realized that there was an absolut clear sky, so we saw the milky way with naked eye. When everybody went to bed I have fetched my camera and because of laziness I did the photos direct in front of our house. The area was so bright but the results of the photos were really surprised to me. Maybe there was such a clear air, that particles which reflect the light was to less? I don't know.  With these photos I will wish you a wonderful time, merry Christmas, stay healthy and safe.