tour of memory

The last post of the year will be about a tour of memory last summer. As I mentioned before we decided because of Corona to to stay in Germany. First we wandet to visit the Saxony Switzerland but a friend of mine who live there said to me, that the Elbe Ferries were over-grounded so we rescheduled. Plan B was to visit places where we have lived the last 20 years. So our way led's to Bavaria. Here We lived on different places for some years. We did stops in Bamberg, Bayreuth and Roth. I did some photos on our ride which I will show here. There will come extra posts about Bayreuth because I love this city. If I could I would live there the rest of my live. 
I will definitely come back for some vacations because there are still many places I want to visit.

So enough words today. I wish every single person the best ending for this terrible year and I hope that 2021 will be better. We can't help it, so just make the most of it. See you next year.