Composing - Mountain Mining

I try to make the most of the situation. What is the alternative? One good thing on the current situation is, that we get time for hobbies. Time to read books and doing Photoshop stuff. First time for a long period I found time to create art. The last few month I was really busy and from one moment to the next all plans were stopped. It is like driving a car with 180 km/h and from now on you have to drive on with 30 km/h. The first days I had really trouble to deal with this situation. Now I use the time. I read much of articles and books I had for a long time on my list. Another employment is to clean my flat and restructuring some rooms. I also use the good weather for some walks through the forest but finally I found time for doing art again. Almost a whole year I didn't do artworks. I felt empty on ideas and I had a lot of stress in my job. Yesterday I started my computer and in 2 hours I finished this picture. From the 3D model which I did in MoI3D to the end in Photoshop. Quick and dirty as I like it. Not perfect but concept art does not have to be perfect. It is just a image to show an idea. Here is a mix between matte painting and concept art. A piece of science fiction built in 2 hours. I like that and I hope my creativity is back and I can use the next weeks to make more such fast artworks.

I'm not really sure what you see here. Maybe a mountain mining building on the top of some peaks. I  had no idea and started to create a 3D building model. It is a model without many details because I didn't want to spend too much time on it. During the creation process I thought it could be some kind of science fiction mining building and it fits into the mountains. So here it its. First I had just two of the buildings in the picture but I missed something, so I decided a climber bring some life in the artwork. I show you both artworks. Which one is your favorite?