Urbex - Porcelain Factory

So it's time for a new Urbex - Blogpost.
Today a factory I found in a little town. It's abandoned for years and looks more
 like a mystery castle than a factory.
I walked around the factory but I didn't found an entrance. 
It was really good closed and secured. I think to protect for vandalism.
 So I rang by the people who live next to the factory. 
But nobody was at home. I hope I find somebody who can talk about the 
building and maybe can let me in.
I talked to a man who walked with his dog through the area but he 
can't tell me interesting information about the factory.
Only that this was a porcelain factory but I knew this already.
My plan is that I visit this factory this year again and then I try to get in.
As I looked through the windows I saw really interesting machines and interior.
Perfect Urbex building! 
Start I will with this picture. 
My favorite picture because it looks so fantastic abandoned.
The green carpet in front of the door, the light and the colors 
are wonderful in my opinion. 
But also the other pictures are great.
I have to go inside!



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