PacMan or Partial Solar Eclipse

There are just few absolute perfect circles in nature. The Sun is one of them and today we can observe a interruption of this perfect circle. Today we had about midday here in central Europe the chance to see a partial solar eclipse. Today is also the first time I took a photo from such an event. Actually I wanted to make photos from the solar eclipse in March 2015 but I couldn't because of work this day. Today is only a partial solar eclipse but I had time and I didn't found an excuse so I did one shot and this shot do you see here. It's actually a totally stupid photo but on the other hand a photo from the both visible celestial bodies from our solar system and this is actual really cool. I'm a huge fan of night sky photography especially from the Milky Way and I love it to see photos from space photographers. Sometimes I take a look in Ebay and search for special equipment for space photography but it's really expensive and just for a hobby photographer who is not knowing much about astrology not the best Investition.  This photo I did with a focal length of 200mm and an ND-Filter. To come to a conclusion I would say this photo is nothing special but at the end really special.


  1. Was für ein tollen Bild, ich habe dieses Mal darauf verzichtet mir Folie zu besorgen um einen Filter auf mein Tele zu basteln. Meinen alten Filter habe ich zusammen mit meinem 500er Spiegel-Tele verkauft. Ich habe es diesem Mal nur im Livestream des Planetarium Berlin und mit eigenen Augen (mit Brille!) genossen und mich über dieses Naturereignis gefreut.
    Vg, oli


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