Nahe Hiking Tour


A day after we visited the rural museum in Bad Sobernheim we leaved the campsite. But before we went to another target we did another small hiking tour. Just few kilometres with some nice spots. An old abandoned wood house in the forest with an amazing location and a wonderful view but in really bad conditions. Why do such buildings decay? What for a history is in such houses? Is there nobody who build it up? Maybe the owner died and his family is broken because of money? Who knows? Now it's to late because the damage is to big to repair. Building it new will be cheaper than stuck money in the broken parts of the building and there were a lot of garbage and destroyed parts. So we went away after exploring the building. A beautiful trail in the forest with some nice view points, The way back was along the river Nahe. As we arrived our camper we drove away, but we had another stop near Bad Sobernheim were I did many photos too. First we would drove direct at home but I found an interesting ruin of an old monastery on our way just few minutes before we leaved on google maps. Perfect for our whole tour which I have come to call time travel because of our destinations had always a historical link.