Fine Art - Nature


Time for some new projects. In the last years my blog was becoming more and more a travel photo blog. This is from my point of view absolute okay. This is what I'm happy with and what I'm wanted to do. Art projects are more rare than before and I asked myself, why? The answer is really difficult and I had to thought for many hours on it. I also don't know if I have already an response but I have several points which can be a possible answer. Firstly a big point is stress. Stress is omnipresent in our society. No matter if you want or not. I found for me a kind of online stress. Instagram, other blogs, videos and many other platforms and networks are stress. Yes they could be also a great inspiration but there is one point were it's switches. I will give you an example which from past. 
About ten years ago my passion was Urbex photography and I traveled a lot through our country and our history. I visited fantastic places and saw so many decayed locations. I was addicted for abandoned places. I did so many photos from several places and I was relatively well known in different urban exploration photo groups mainly on Google+. This was a social network on Google and especially interesting for photographers. This was for me good to find fascinating places and share photos from then. With more than 10.000 followers it was also good for my ego. I got many positiv resonance and up to a point this was really amazing. Then this summit was overcome and the stress begun. I didn't realized it but I felt a responsibility to did content. Totally stupid but with my knowledge from today I understand this. I was a slave of my ego. At the end I was happy that Google stopped his Google+ network. I had no fun anymore in urban exploration because of stress and the increase of urbex photographers who visited the same places and did the same photos. So many people started to make photos from decayed places and for me it was like a small burn out of urbex photography. I had no more fun on visiting such places. Sometimes I planned a tour, drove 500km through the state and found an overcrowded location with people which begun to destroy places for an photo idea. My passion was lost as I saw day for day the same photos in networks. I did no urbex tour more since this moment. 
I switched to landscape photography and because of Instagram I felt the same with landscape photos. I saw every day amazing photos from places all over the world and there was also one point which I lost the fun on photography. Why I do photos if other people make so good photos too? I lost the fun on doing art because of so many other people doing the same, often better than me. Then I realized that the problem are the networks. There is to every time an information overflow and a kind of online depression. My solution was to cut of my online networks and activities. Deleting Instragram and other apps and it was one of the best decisions I've had in the last time. I also deleted Whatsapp and the time for myself increase immediately. 
Without so many digital disorders the interest of art comes slowly back. My head works on ideas again which I had no interest in the last years. It feels good. The only thing I use online is this blog here. I don't search for inspiration on online platforms anymore. I stress me not longer in so many ways. 
And this brings me to these monochrome photos here.  I walked through my favorite trail here in my area and for some time, I felt the desire to search motives which work on black and white images.