Another blog post about the interior of a building in the museum. I'm still in love with the way the museum present the houses. Last year I visited another rural museum and of course I did many photos too. That brings me to a point I was thinking about the last weeks. A few weeks ago incredible things happened. I got a mail that somebody did a comment on my blog. There were some photographers who talk about photography in a podcast. And they talked about my Bayreuth Eremitage series in a episode about photo series. I was really surprised because the visitor numbers of this blog is going  to zero. Only a few visitors stray on my website. So I was surprised as I mentioned before and I heard immediately the episode. They talked on a very fair way about pros and cons of my photos and the way I present them. They gave me criticism and I'm  thankful about. I'm not going to change the way I edit my photos.  I see your points but at the end is this my personal taste and I like the small vintage look which could be took from an analog camera. But one point they talked about I had to thing about. The amount of photos in my posts. 
Yes there are often a flood of photo. The reason is, that I need much more time to decide which photo I will show so I show simply all. I don't want to put a lot time in my blog because there are only few visitors and there are no comments. I used the blog more like a personal digital travelers diary and I love making photos. I do so many photos and I don't want to do it just for my data storage. I don't like social networks anymore so this blog is for me the last way to present my photos and I will go on with it. But I want to accept the criticism and I will try to select more on quality. Often I show different perspectives or clippings of the same motive. I will set my focus more in selected shots. I can't promise that my  blog posts will be shorter in future because I have not so much time and many ready photos im the pipeline. But I will show more various motives so it is more interesting to see the series. I hope this is a good compromise. What do you think about this solution?

And I have another question. Are there people here who read my bad English? It will be nice, when you can give me a short comment where are you from if you read this. Is it better to write in a bad English or are here more German guys. The google statistic said that there are definitely more people from the states or other countries which talked rather English than German. Let me know if this is right and if you understand my words.