The house of the post clerk is the topic today. The actual star here is not the post office. The highlight is from my perspective the kitchen with so many details. The presentation is so cool. From the teapot on the oven to the cherry corer is everything with so much love placed that you can imagine that there life still people. Little details like an overturned cup or a half finished cake are perfect for detail hunter like me. It's a pity that I can't enter the rooms. There were so much more perspektives for detail shots but I understand the museum. If everybody walk through the houses how they wanted, there will be a lot of damage. My way to handle this restrictions is to use two cameras. On with a wide-angle lens and another with a telephoto lens. So I'm a bit more flexible. I use a Nikon Z6 and a D610 and I like this kind of photography. I can switch between the cameras and don't need time to change the lens. Both cameras have full frame sensors so I have good quality also if there are bad light conditions. 
Often it's not possible to use tripods in such museums so I need to do photos out of the hand with a high ISO value. A big disadvantage is the high weight because I have to use a big backpack with different additional equipment but I choose this system for me. The second camera I have in my backpack which I can get fast out  through a side access. I think there are many photographers that use this solution. Why I have two expensive cameras? I use the Nikon D610 for many years and I wanted to switch to a system camera with full frame sensor, so I bought a Nikon Z6. I wanted to sold the D610 but I don't got the price I wanted. I didn't want to give the camera as a gift. So I decided to use both. Another point was my Tamron 180mm macro lens which don't work with auto focus on the Nikon Z6. Now I'm happy with this decision, because I had up to today many situations I liked the opportunity of a second camera. What do you think about two cameras in use?