Coffee is the best drink in the world, isn't it? Yes of course. I'm addicted to coffee and I'm a huge coffee gourmet, therefore it was absolute clear which photo I will show first here. The main focus of this blog post is a small corner shop. It was also nice decorated like the other houses and offices before. I found some really nice details here as in the other rooms before. There were a lot of old cans, old packaging's and coffee. So it was my favorite room. It would be perfect if you can drink there a coffee in this small kitchen besides the shop. I would grind the coffee in this old mill and brew fresh on the old oven. This were perfect for a life action museum but I understand that this would be problematic. It needs time and how many visitors would drink coffee, so there were a massive traffic jam in front of the shop. The interior would damage with all the people and the restoration work were expensive. Next to the shop was a forge, a barn and a room wich was probably a pottery. In the forge is sometimes a blacksmith who shows his work with the old tools but because of Corona these shows are stopped.
Another pretty cool detail was that in the farm and between the houses chicken walked around. These little things are fantastic, so a museum visit is much more an immersive experience. I like that.