like Hogwarts

I'm definitely not religious. I'm don't believe in god or a higher force which follows any kind of a plan. The Church as institution is for me a well organized esoteric sect. I haven't a problem when people believe in god and when god is for many people really important than I'm fine with that. Everybody should believe in what they want to believe. 
The only thing I have a problem with is missionary work of all religions. I understand that missionary work is important for the church as institution. They need money and when the number of believers decrease the financial means also decrease. Also the influence and so the power of the institution become less. 
Especially in Germany many people leave the church and young people don't join anymore. The reason is often the strict rules which are definitely not accompany with our enlightened and technology-oriented world.
Many people leave the Church, so the Church needs a renewal but how could an organization like the Church can be change? The power and the influence of the christian religion in her believers comes from the interpretation of the Bible. So how can the church change her own basics? There is a big conflict with that. They can't renewal because they can't ignore the last 2000 years. What do you think will happen when the pope change some strict orders? 2000 years they preach this and then they do exactly the opposite. They can't renewal rules which are important basics for the whole religion. They would question her own institution. From my point of view it's not possible for the Church to renewal in one generations. There will be a long way to go with no guarantee that it will work. They will change just the problems. Many old believers will become disappointed and maybe leave the Church and there are no warranty that young guys join. A big dilemma for religious institutions however maybe the time is come to overcome religion and believe just in science. Facts can be a religion and scientifically results the basics. Yes they could change with new knowledge but this is not a problem because they can explain how things change. The only thing we need to accept is that we can't know everything. We need to accept that we are just a grain of dust in a world of mountains of dust. Yes this is for many people not possible. Some humans often need answers and these are easy prey for populists and political influencer's. That's another bad example for believers, however today I don't want to write about such complex topic.

Actually I wanted to write about the Church and what I really like at the Church are the epic buildings. This church here is part of a monastery. Since 2017 the monastery is closed for reasons of age, lack of young people and because of its poor economic situation. There are the points I mentioned before. In the monastery was a grammar school and a secondary school for girls, as well as a boarding school. Since 1997 boys are also allowed to go to the schools and today the schools are still in use. I don't really know how the room of the monastery and the church are used for but the doors were open so I think they use the buildings still as a church. I like such old buildings and I'm sad that buildings today are build often with metal and glas. The  character of old buildings are so much better. Big churches, temples and museums have often a mystical mood and I'm often think of fantasy stories. When I see this building here I often think of Hogwarts because of the usage and the optic.