Sanssouci - Delusions of Grandeur

Today I will show you pictures from one of Germany's amazing parks.
The park of Sanssouci in Potsdam is a place which is look like a fantasy scene.
The wind mill you know already if you are watching my blog.
Now I will show you the other pictures from the park.
A park full of castles and places with a special romantic mood.
A park with sculptures and dragons, ok no dragons but if you are walking through the ways you feel a little bit like a walking through Bruchtal.
I hope I can transferred the mood from this place to the pictures.
 I processed it a little bit strange for some watcher but I like the style, above all on such places.
As I walked through the park I think to myself that the time that the park was built must be a time of delusions of grandeur. This splendor and the pillars, the fountains and the stairs,
 all a sign of an amazing time.
Yes today is also an amazing time but today the buildings are so often build with steel and glas.
I love the architecture from that old times.
So much impression and so much romantic. Love it.

I know, a lot of pictures but I don't want to write more than one blog post.
Now you can see all images or just close the window and life without so beautiful impressions. 

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