Airfield Gatow - Part III

In English please....
I decided to write in English again, because the activities of my visitors from Germany are always less and the most visitors come from countries which are not speaking German. I'm not a perfect English spokesman so I make a lot of mistakes but  I hope you always understand what I want to say. If you find mistakes, congratulation.

The Museum of the German Airforce in Berlin Gatow was a wonderful place for a technician like me and also for a photographer like me. The pictures from this blogpost are taken on my second visit. I met another photographer from Googsle+ and we photographed together. The weather was not optimal but it didn't rain so it was a good day. I had a important meeting on afternoon, 
so I had not so much time.
We walked only through the outside areas,  with pleasure I would have also visited the indoor area again but without time no chance. The whole airfield is the museum and you need a lot of time to see everything. If you want to make photos you need more time. Really good is that the museum is for free so time is not a problem if you live near by. 

On my second visit I wanted make not the same pictures like the first time. Other perspectives and other motives was the target. I had luck that +ce lend me her fisheye-lens so I had the first time the possibility to try such lens. Thank you for Cerbie.
But the intension were like the first time. I didn't wanted to make just normal museums pictures. Like the first visit I would make dynamic pictures from airplanes  with space for interpretation. I hope I have managed it. What is your opinion in my pictures. 

If you missed the other blog posts from the museum. No problem, here are the links to the pictures

This picture from the C-160 was the first picture I shot with a fisheye-lens.

The last two pictures are also taken with the fisheye. Nice effect I think.