Projekt 52 Black & White #2

It's time for a update for my Google+ Black & White photo project.
look here +Project 52 B&W 

Now many weeks are gone since the first blog-post about my project.
You remember? No? 

There was the first 13 weeks, 
13 pictures and now I will show you the next part of this project.
We are in the thirtieth week of this year and I'm ashamed.
I can show you only 12 pictures. 5 pictures be missing.
I had 5 weeks I had no time or I was on duty.
Maybe I make the 5 pictures later or I let they go.
It's a just for fun project and family and work is still on number one before photography.
But it's still a interesting photo project and brings me a lot of fun.
If you are interested take a look to the Google+ page and enjoy the project.
So it's time for the pictures.

Week 30 - Theme : Macro

The topic this week is macro, one of my favorite topics and I have a wonderful picture 
from a butterfly. It's not easy to process a macro in black & white but here I think it
works perfect. A wonderful portrait of this wonderful butterfly. 
Straight in the face.

Week 29 - Theme : Silhouette

With this topic I had some time problems. I had no idea and of course
not really pleasure to search for a motive.
In the last minute I had the idea as I looked at a toy horse from my daughter.
The moon shines very bright and I used the light to get the silhouette.
Now it looks like a wild horse.

Week 28 - Theme : Closure

This picture was a lucky found. On a wonderful Saturday we visited Regensburg.
A really wonderful city with so many photo motives. In the next time you will see here 
a lot of pictures from Regensburg. Narrow streets and funny buildings 
and a wonderful dome with a wonderful middle-age atmosphere.
In one of the narrow streets I found this door with this padlock. Perfect for the Closure Theme.
It looks really good in black & white I think.

Week 27 - Theme : Panoramic

Also a wonderful topic and also a nice opportunity to get more experience 
with my panorama adapter. The idea to make a panorama from a great highway bridge 
I had for a long time. The black & white project was the right moment for this.
Here you can see a bridge from the Highway 6 (A6) over a small valley.
There a bigger bridges but this one is near by me so I choose this one.
I think it's about 40 meters high and about 400 meters long.
Perfect motive for a panorama.

Week 26 - Theme : Architecture

You know I was in Ellwangen, a town in south Germany with a lot of wonderful architecture. 
Perfect for this topic.
 I select this one. In the town center of Ellwangen you find two churches, side by side.
On the left side the town church of Ellwangen, 
a protestant church who was built 1724 - 1729 in the baroque architectural style.
On the right side the Basilika St. Vitus, really a imposing church from the middle Ages.
 The Basilika was built in the 13th century in the late Romanesque architectural style.
Two different architecture styles side by side. I think this is really a good shot for this topic. 
I had the idea for a panorama because I didn't want to showing you a boring church.
This panorama is a compilation of 32 images and first I was annoyed about the car but now I think it works perfect to show you the size differences.
Yes I'm happy about the car. It's also a nice contrast to the old buildings. 
Yesterday I showed you the color version, you remember?
Which is your favorite? I prefer the monochrome version.

Week 25 - Theme : Shallow DoF

My contribution for this weeks topic.
First I thought an easy topic but I didn't want to show just a flower
 with the normal DoF of a macro lens.
I searched for an motive which I never shot before and this is not easy. 
But today I was in a sandpit and saw a wonderful digger with wonderful chains and ropes.
With a little rust a wonderful motive. Also the chains who hang into the blur looks good.

Week 24 - Theme : Get Low

This is a funny sports device for funny games.
Took on a school festival. Was really a funny evening.
It looks really amazing when adults are try to run with such things.
Also nice is the white line who ends at the house in background.

Week 22 - Theme : Technology

This picture from a Plasma globe is my contribution for this weeks theme Technology.
 I love the relaxing effect of such light toys.
Think Nikola Tesla the same?
He invented the „Inert Gas Discharge Tube“.
If you want to see more pictures from the Plasma Globe look
I like the monochrome Version but here I prefer the color version.

Week 21 - Theme : Curves

The curves of a woman are much better than other curves I think.
Here I have no more to say. Just look.

Week 16 - Theme : Fade

This was not really my topic.
Not an easy theme and this picture was my only try.

Week 15 - Theme : Flowers

 This is a yellow rose, of course in black and white.
I took this picture with my 180mm Macro and a SB800 flash which brings the light from the background. 
The light shines through the rose and bring a very soft effect. I love it!
It was the first time I used a flash on this position by a macro photo.
I think the result is really good.

Week 14 - Theme : Transportation

 My contribution for this topic was this old wreck. Many years I drive by this car, many years they still stand there how you see here. This car drives in the next time nowhere nevertheless this is also a transportation vehicle or it was. Love the wide angle effect and the background who is perfect for a car like this.
A nice detail are the lines of the car are in extension to the roof.
A nice decay picture in my opinion.
 So I hope you like the pictures as I do.
In few weeks the will be a new update for my project.
Hope you enjoy.


  1. Ich warte noch immer auf die gewünschte Hummel Fotografie ^^
    Aber zur Not tut es auch das obere Insekt (Schmetterling?)


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