In June I was four weeks in Ellwangen. A small town in Baden Württemberg.
A small town with a lot of architecture and a nice flair.
And of course a really good ice cream parlor. 
Direct in the town center and you have to buy a Sgroppino.
Have you ever drunk a Sgroppino?
A wonderful drink if its hot outside. Really delicious.
It consists of lemon ice, sparkling wine and vodka.
If you visit the next time a ice cream parlor, then order a Sgroppino.
You don't will regret.
But lets go back to Ellwangen.
I will start with a picture took from the graveyard.
Here you see a church in front. On the left side the town church and the Basilika St. Vitus.
 And on the right side on the hill the castle of Ellwangen.
I love this picture, like a post card motive and in black white the right choice to catch the flair.
   But first to the castle. Here you see the entrance area. 
It's a nice castle but for me not really interesting. 
I searched for motives but the parts who are interesting are under construction.
So I walked around the castle, enjoy the view and took more pictures from surround the castle
as from the castle himself.

This picture I took from the castle. Wonderful view over Ellwangen.
Here you see the Basilika St. Vitus and the town center of Ellwangen. 
You can see, it's really a small town but the architecture is wonderful.
After the castle I drove in the city. Now I will show you some pictures from the Basilika.
Also a nice building, side by side to the town church. 

Now I will show you two panorama pictures from the Basilika.
The first picture is a panorama processed with more than thirty pictures.
I love the angle and the lines from the distortion.
In the town center of Ellwangen you find two churches, side by side.
On the left side the town church of Ellwangen, 
a protestant church who was built 1724 - 1729 in the baroque architectural style.
On the right side the Basilika St. Vitus, really a imposing church from the middle Ages. 
The Basilika was built in the 13th century in the late Romanesque architectural style.
Two different architecture styles side by side. 
This picture was also my contribution for the architecture topic of my 
black and white photo project on Google+
But this time in color. I will show you the monochrome version in another blogpost.

 And now just some pictures from the Ellwangen town center.
Nice facades and balconies are here.  

 Before you wonder what this is for a head.
Here you see the balcony.
 And now another picture from the graveyard, this time with the church on the hill 
in the background. If you follow my blog, you know the last picture from the wonderful church.
Wish you a nice day. 


  1. wunderschoene Bilder mal wieder, das letzte ist einfach toll, da mag man sich ganz drin verlieren. Die Halle mit den Saeulen ist auch perfekt getroffen.

  2. WOW super Fotos :)
    Liebe Grüsse Babs


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