Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2013

sandpit machines

Today pictures from last weekend. 
I drove through the near my home to this sandpit. I saw this machines 
and I think a panorama with these long conveyor are works good.
I also was looking for a picture for the last weeks topic of my 
black and white photo project. 
I found it also in the sandpit and I think this is also a nice picture.
Theme of the topic last week was shallow DoF.
I founded this digger with some nice details and there is also a nice motive for a panorama.
The long cantilever is nice for a good motive so I took some shots and Photoshop did the rest.
But first my contribution for last weeks Topic by +Project 52 B&W 
Here the sand digger with his long cantilever and the big bucket.
I think he fetches the sand from the water.

 This is just a picture from the sandpit. Like the structure in the sand and the power cables.
Here are the big panorama from the machines in the sandpit.
Is's about a 200° panorama and I like it. 
Nice colors and wonderful lines.
And of course another picture from the machines with the 10mm wide-angel lens from 
another position. Here you see how the picture effect changes with a panorama picture.
It has been a long time since I make this picture. 
Also from a sandpit, and also from a digger but there were also other machines.
 I will publish again these pictures now because I think here are a good place
also for some old work.
You see how my pictures are changing in the time.
I think it is interesting when I look through my album.