Samstag, 12. Mai 2012

BMW & Simson

This is the BMW 328. With this car he celebrated his greatest successes. 
1951 he won the international Avus race. But this is also the car where he died. 
10. may 1952 he had an accident in a training for a race, where he didn't want to participate. 
Paul Greizu is a hero in Suhl (city in Thuringia), he wasn't only a racedriver, 
he was also a man who in world war 2 sat down for human rights.
Now you can see the original car in the Simson museum in Suhl and a lot of other cars and motorcycles.

This cars are original GDR cars. They looked like US-Cars but there were built in Eisenach in Thuringia. Now they also standing in the Simson museum in Suhl.

This car is a Simson Supra. Really a oldtimer, the car was built in Suhl in 1924-1934.
Simson built only 1520 exemplars.