Schmalwasser dam I

Stay at home was the idea. We have the luxury   that we own a camper so we can travel and stay at home at the same time. Important is that you visit places without people. So we decided to hike in Germanys low mountain ranges. Our first trail was the Dragon Canyon near Eisenach. Today I'm going to show you photos from our second stop in the Thuringian Forest. Our target was the Schmalwasser dam. The reservoir is important for the water supply in the area, so it's forbidden to swim in the lake. This point is the reason that there are no people. We saw just few hiker as we walked around the lake. The tour was about 18 km and there are some really nice spots with a beautiful view. 

So we really did the best in the current pandemic situation. Other guys went to demonstrations because they have problems with a face mask. They talk about that the government abolish the constitution and many other stupid stuff. Now we have some serious problems in Germany, Europe and the whole world. Main problem is, that the numbers of patients who need an intensive medical care is increase day per day. If I read comments in newspapers or social networks I have massive doubts in mankind. What is happened? How is it possible that so many people believe in such crazy things. They are lost in their conspiracy, so every new report is part of the conspiracy theories. No matter how stupid the message is, they want to believe. I ask myself why? Is this a problem in education? Maybe yes but this will be to easy. There are doctors and professors who are also support such theories. Here is possible that they feel good with the particular attention in social networks. Then their own bubbles are getting bigger and bigger. What happen here with the society? The major part of the society is reasonable but the people who believe in crazy theories are much louder so they think they are more. I believe that there are many people in such bubbles who become more and more aggressive. First attacks happened in Berlin. Stupid people attacked the Robert Koch Institute which is in charge in Germany with monitor the pandemic situation. Why people do such things? What did they aim to achieve with it? The pandemic will not go when an institute stops to count numbers. The virus doesn't care. 

People, please thought about your opinion and ask yourself, are the arguments of the conspiracy followers plausible or are the official statements more transparent? The most arguments of conspiracy followers are often unclear and contradictory. Yes the comments of some scientists are also sometimes  unclear but mostly comprehensible. Often scientist have a lack of information so they can't give clear statements. Be aware of people who have an answer on all questions. Often such people are self- exposer and have own interests. If an Influencer  and conspiracy theorist gets his money with an youtube canal, they need to sent interesting messages to get money. The bubble need stuff. Stay safe and check you mindset. Please!