Ahr Hills

Yes it's time for new pictures from the wonderful Ahr valley and I promise you, there will come more photos from this area in next time, too. The main reason is, that I bought a new camera and because of I love the Ahr valley I'm hike a lot here with my camera. That's the reason that I photograph often the same motives. I see every time new loveliness in the same places and I have an inner urge to make photos from it. I don't apologize because this is my personell blog project and I can show what I want. Maybe my blog is really boring because my visitor numbers are really low. I don't care. 

I mentioned before that I bought a new camera. After one year of thinking and brood I decided to buy a Nikon Z6. I've been thinking about to switch from DSLR to a mirror less system for a long time. System cameras are smaller and the technique is today on the same level so why not? I thought a long time because of the costs but this summer I did a decision. I bought the Nikon Z6 with the absolute fantastic 14-30mm f4 wide angel lens which is perfect for landscape photos. With an adapter I can use my lenses from my old Nikon D610 too so its perfect. The only lens I can't use is my lovely macro lens. My 180mm f3.5 Tamron macro lens has no built in motor so I can't use it with the adapter in an automatic focus mode. I thought about to sell my Tamron lens with my Nikon D610. I looked about the current prices on the market and I decided to keep both. The prices for such a good lens with the older DSLR model like the D610 was too less and I thought about a new concept of my way of photography. I decided to use both cameras in future. Funny is, that my first reason to buy a system camera was to save weight and space. Now I have two cameras in my bag. And I needed a new camera backpack too. Mission completely accomplished. More of my thoughts about my decision and a small experience report about the Nikon Z6 on my next blog post about the Ahr valley.