art for reflection - KGB Museum

This year I did a city trip to Vilnius in Lithuania. What a beautiful city with friendly people. But also a country with a changing history. I visited many places and museums. One of the most impressive places was the KGB museum. There was an oppressive atmosphere here, but there were also interesting facts. There were also an art exhibition which I forgot the artist. But I want to show the artworks because I think it's really great art. The main topic of the exhibition was beside the activities of the KGB the partisans moving in the first halt of the twenty century. I don't know anymore in which part of the museum the artworks were presented so I hope I don't write something wrong about. The artworks fitted perfect in the atmosphere of the museum. 
Shame for me I had no camera with me. Just my mobile phone and I missed my Nikon really much. The whole city was full of amazing motives and also here the museum had some great motives but later more.