I'm back again. The last weeks I had so much work to do, that I decided to took a rest here. Now I found time and I will use these to share new photos. I will continue with photos from the rural museum in Kommern and today I show you what is from my point of view one of the interesting part of the museum.

The museum show many old machines which farmers used for decades, bu they show also how farmers worked itself. In this case they showed us how they prepared the fields with horses. Living history so to say and I like it. Perfect for a museum. Here can you see so many old methods and at the end you can try manufactured food by traditional ways. Such procedures are nice for such kind of museums. If you compare the ancient practices with today's, you can see great strides humanity has made. How long does it took to til a field? Being a farmer is also today a heavy job but centuries before it was absolutely hard work for humans and animals.