Even after a major disaster the life must go on. I waited some days because I didn't want share photos after such a huge event. However I used the time to think about such catastrophes and I read a lot of articles and the book from Bill Gates how we can stop the climate catastrophe. The more I read, the more I became disillusioned. When you see how huge the influence of our society is and when you see how a majority of the society is acting, then you realized that we fucked up. 
I personally think we can do a lot against the ongoing climate change but it will never be enough. The impact of important industrial products to mankind is much more greater than the willingness to renounce on luxury. And I understand this absolute. We in Germany life in prosperity and for sure we can do a lot against environmental- and air pollution however other countries which achieve prosperity in the next decades will need power. We also need more power in the next time and I have no idea where wants to create them. Yes we have solar- and wind energy but this is at the end just a small part. Bill Gates wrote about that nuclear power is probably the answer but we in Germany abolish nuclear power plants. I understand this decision but on the other hand I see a huge gap of power in the next time. Some Staates still use nuclear power and other Staates still use coal- or gas plants. This is the reason why I don't think that we solve our problems with the climate. In the best of all cases we slow them but stopping? No way!

I'm sure that we get more and more extreme weather events. Year for year it will become worse and worse. There will be years without rain and years with heavy rain. Years were farmers will have no water and plants will die in a region and in another area heavy rain will generate floods. This year we had the warmest August since the weather records began expect in western Germany. There were some areas in Europe were wildfires and floods are at the same time. Crazy! How will we stay against such extreme weather conditions? Some of my friends will not leave there houses in the Ahr valley even another flood will come definitely. That it will come is not the question. The question is when. 
What are your views on climate change and what do you think what we can do against? 


  1. Climate change is real and we will not revise it again. We will have to come to terms with the current climate, possibly even with further deterioration.
    We are now leaving this world to our children and grandchildren. Exactly this world. Not a second world.
    Therefore, we have already made some changes in our personal lives and continue to invest in sustainable living.
    100% green electricity, PV system, 2 e-cars, bicycles with trailer for shopping, avoidance of trips where possible. Used to like ICE for long distance and avoidance of flights.
    Organic food, avoidance of packaging waste and targeted purchasing of products without micro-plastics or palm oil.
    Buying local and regional or organic products, less meat and avoiding online shopping.
    And we're certainly not out of our comfort zone here yet - there's more to come.
    But: We can also afford this

    1. We as a family try to do the same things. We give up eating meat, buying regional and few other thinks. But these are points with so small influence, that they have no impact at all. Even if everybody will do the same in Germany is this for the whole world nothing. We need electric power more and more and other items like the construction industry generate so much more impact and we can't stop using such components. They are key factors of our society. Without we will loose our standard of living and be honest, nobody want's this. Who is really ready to give up luxury?


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