Rural Museum Kommern I

As I mentioned before I visited last year another rural museum. The rural museum in Kommern is not so far from my home so I used the nice weather last fall and did another photo trip. I will start with photos of a huge windmill. It looks like that the mill is still in use and this is really amazing. The whole museum was really cool and there were many spots were you can see the life from the different epochs. It was more interactive than the museum in Bad Sobernheim but I will be fair. Under Covid-19 restrictions are different in our states and so there are also various  rules in Rhineland Palatinate and North Rhine Westphalia. Maybe the museum in Bad Sobernheim couldn't made his interactive shows when I visited. No matter, both museums are still worth a visit and they are focused on various topics. 
Back to the windmill. It is a huge wood building as you see and I think there will be times the museum crew let this mill work. There were barriers around the mill and the structure is looking as they turn the mill often. On the other side some museum farmers brought hay into the barn which is cool on such places. It's exactly what I mean. There is a special flair when a museum is more like a role play theater.