With this post I will come to an end of the photos of the rural museum in Rhineland Palatinate in Bad Sobernheim. It was a really nice visit in best weather. And what will be perfect for the end? Yes a short walk through an old vineyard, unfortunately without wine. But I want to highlight again the good meal in the museum restaurant. I'm sure there were also the opportunity to drink a wine there. 
If you have a caravan or a camper a visit is definitely worthwhile. There is a wonderful camper site in a short distance with a cafe and a mini-golf course. There is also a huge barefoot path in the area which we visit but I did no photos there. So if you decide to visit the museum, take your time and visit the other places too. We also did a little hiking tour before we leaved but I will write an own post about. I hope you enjoyed the photos of the museum. Last year I visited another rural museum and I will definitely show the photos here later. with these outlook I will wish you a nice weekend and a good time. Stay healthy my friends.